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Adam Helfman

Home Improvement Expert

Get it done right the first time with Hire it Done

Finally! You have the power when shopping for a new roof!

Using our exclusive independent aerial imaging tool, we have leveled the playing field. All of our pre-screened contractors will be competing for your business using the exact same measurements. Make sure you ask our contractors the right questions to ensure you never have to worry about your roof again.

After a tough winter, make sure you can enjoy the beautiful spring and summer in your yard.

Always wanted a brick paver patio or a stone porch? Is your deck railing getting old and unsafe? Did your driveway take a beating from the cold weather and snow plows? Our exterior contractors are skilled in style, function and fiscal responsibility.

If your DIY list has become unmanageable, Hire it Done!

If your house needs painting on the inside or outside, if you have holes in your drywall, if you have leaky faucets, exposed wires or a broken garage door opener, Hire it Done will help you get it done right.

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"If they’re not good enough to work on my house, they go on someone else's list. I am every homeowner’s best friend."

Adam Helfman

Home Improvement Expert

Adam is a home improvement professional
with over 25 years of experience

Adam Helfman literally invented a new category in response to the "Do-It-Yourself" trend. "I know some excellent Do-It-Yourselfers" says Adam "But for the 98% of us who just aren't talented with tools, I created Hire It Done – the safe and easy way for homeowners to get every home improvement project done right." Home improvement is in Adam's blood, as a 4th generation contractor with a degree in Building Construction Management from Michigan State. Adam is truly ‘the homeowner's best friend' on radio, television and internet. Adam has hosted various radio and television shows and was a featured builder on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and became the show's construction consultant for more than two seasons. Adam's main passion is helping homeowners connect with contractors through his website www.HireItDone.com, where homeowners can ask questions, watch videos, read articles and find pre-screened contractors for any home improvement project

Adam and Hire it Done are all over social networks. Follow Adam at Hire it Done with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to the Hire it Done YouTube channel. You can also read Adam on the Hire It Done blog. If you know of any good restaurants, Adam is always looking for the best food in town!

Adam, I like to work on my old cars during the winter so I decided to have a furnace put in my garage and went to Hire it Done. The two contractors came out and gave me very professional estimates and never pressured me to sign anything. The contractor I picked gave me a very clear estimate, showed up on time, kept the work area spotless. I now have an efficient and warm garage, and best of all, I didn't have to pay the contractor until the work was finished. Two thumbs up!

Adam, I noticed a leak in the ceiling above my kitchen and immediately went to Hire it Done. Within a few hours, I not only had roofing contractors calling me; but when they came to my house, they all had a Hire It Done report that showed exactly how big my roof was. Their prices were all pretty close and they answered all of my questions about roofing. Before I signed, I decided to check out a company I had seen on TV. They showed up and their starting price was $3000 more than the highest one from the Hire It Done contractors. He went to his car and came back and said he could beat any price if I signed that night. I slammed the door in his face and went back to my Hire it Done estimates. My new roof is awesome and I only feel bad that I had to pick just one of your contractors.

Adam, I paid for a membership with another service to find a plumber to fix my sump pump that was leaking water into the middle of my yard. I had to review all of the listed contractors and started to call the top rated ones on the list. I then went to Yelp and saw completely different ratings for the same plumbers. I had no idea who to believe. I then tried HIre it Done. Three plumbers called me to make appointments. When they showed up, they all showed me their credentials and offered to have me contact references before starting any work. I never felt pressured or that they were trying to rip me off. It is good to know that there is a group of contractors that I can trust. By the way, I cancelled my membership to that other service.

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