Moving is bittersweet. Often homeowners move to a better living situation that begins a new adventure full of wonderful memories with your family. However, it’s getting into the new place that is the bitter part. The packing, organizing, messes, aching backs and then all the logistics that follow! Don’t forget to shut off the water! Have you updated all your bank billing address to reflect the new address? Can you feel your stress levels rising? We got you covered! Hire it Done teamed up with our friends at Men on The Move, to help you and your family with your next move. Check it out:

Start early 

We know, we know. In a perfect world you would start the packing weeks ahead of time. But who has time for that? You. You need to make that time because starting early will ensure less stress for you and your family in the long run. As soon as you know you are moving, start making moves. Begin with printing off the checklist below! Begin with downloading the moving check list at the end of the post!

Hire a professional 

You aren’t a college kid anymore, it’s time to hire a professional. No need to call every friend with a truck to help you move, no matter how much pizza and beer you promise them. Hiring a professional is worth the cost. They can get your belongings loaded into ONE moving truck in the few hours it takes you to organize your friends moving trucks in your driveway. Not only do they move quickly, but swiftly. Avoid damaged doorways and scuffed walls with professional  movers, keeping the next owners or renters pleased. Take the plunge and hire a professional

One at a time

Packing doesn’t have to be horrible. Just make sure to get all your supplies before you begin. Most moving companies offer boxes and will even help you pack the hard items like televisions and valuables! (Another perk to hiring professionals.) Next up, start with one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed and start with the rooms that won’t be used as often before the move. Another solid packing method, is boxing things up by category, for example: all your linens go into the same box, no matter what room. Whatever method you choose, know that the point is to take it one at a time to avoid getting frazzled and keep it consistent to help with the unpacking later.

So many frustrations can arise during a big move but we want to take the hassle out of it with this awesome moving checklist from our friends at Men on the Move. Be sure to print this off a few weeks before your move and get to work! 

Happy Moving!