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Your Spring Home Improvement Checklist {FREE DOWNLOAD}

Winter can wreak havoc on your home but spring is the opportunity to get your home back in order. Our list will help guide you as you tackle the spring cleaning and home maintenance chores.

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Outdoor Checklist:

Roof inspection: Hire a professional to come out and inspect your roof to make sure that the winter weather didn’t take a toll. A roofer will always be able to spot a potential leak or issue before you can, saving you big bucks down the line!

Clean gutters: Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters to prevent any problems during spring showers. And be careful on that ladder, it’s best to do this with someone that will be able to spot you as you remove the debris.

Outdoor living: Rinse off the furniture, grill and other backyard accessories making it ready for use and relaxation! Power wash the porch and reattach water hoses and propane grill hoses to make sure they work. Nothing worse than hosting a BBQ and realizing you are out of propane!

Clean the deck: Power wash and inspect your deck for loose or splitting boards and nails. Slap on a coat of protectant for the warmer months. Remember hiring a professional can save you time and a headache.

Check windows and screens: Inspect the window screen from both the inside and outside for any holes or tears. Repair or place what you can and then check out the glass on your windows to ensure no cracks happened over the freezing months.

Indoor Checklist:

We know that you have plans to spring clean the entire house but here are few extra things to consider adding to your to do list or to book list.

Carpet cleaning: Ensure that those stains from the holidays come up by booking a professional carpet cleaner. A good carpet cleaning will also create a healthy environment by removing allergens stuck in the carpet fibers. Call them today because most carpet cleaning professionals book up fast in the spring!

Paint touch ups: Kids and pets being locked up indoors all winter long can really do a number on the paint. Lots of touch ups and rough spots to cover. Or treat yourself to a splash of new color in your living room and hire a professional!

Change air filters: This is your friendly reminder it’s time to change those air filters!

Get your AC serviced: It’s always a good idea to get your AC unit inspected and checked every spring to ensure you have a cool and comfortable summer without any hiccups.

We have created a checklist that you can download and print (for FREE!) to help you keep track your chores!

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