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When To Hire A Landscaper

Sure, we know you can tackle most of those home improvement chores but are you confident in the larger outdoor projects? Especially when dealing with plants, lawns, and other outdoor projects, it can often times make more sense to hire a landscaper rather than DIY. So which projects should a homeowner leave to the experts? Here are a few ways to better understand when to hire a landscaper.


You’re on a Time Constraint and Budget

Planning, designing and getting the right permits for your landscaping job can be difficult if it’s your first time doing any landscaping on your own. That means there’s a good chance that your plans won’t go right on the first try. It will take longer to plan and get the correct permits, as you’ll have to research the laws and requirements for your project. That takes a ton of time, and if you’re trying to get a project done by a certain timeframe, that could mean missing your deadline!


It also means you’ll likely spend more money on the project. No one gets things perfect on the first try, and if you’re a novice with landscaping, it’s hard to know what and how much material you’ll need. That can mean wasted money on extra or wrong materials. And if you only have a certain budget set aside to bring your yard to life, mistakes could mean running low on cash.


Hiring a landscaper can save you time and money. A landscaper is able to get the best materials for a lower cost, and knows who to work with on projects for the best service. When investing in a landscaping project, you want to stay on budget and timeline. Hiring a professional helps ensure that less goes wrong and you can meet those expectations. While it may seem like more money upfront, in the long term it will help you to save from repairs or un-forecasted costs.


You Kill Every Plant You Own

The benefit of using a professional landscaper is they know their plants. Landscapers are aware of which plants do best in certain conditions. They’ll be able to determine if the shade of your house will kill your shrubs or help them thrive in the heat. If you want plants to come back annually, they know which flowers to pick, and which soil will support them in the long-term. Unless you have an amazing green thumb or extensive knowledge of horticulture, a landscaper can help you get your yard in tip top shape.  And help it to stay that way for the rest of the season!


It’s a BIG Project

Often times it’s easy to visualize an amazing backyard project, and then it turns into a complete disaster. Pools, fountains, sprinklers, lighting, or decks can seem easy to handle, but even if you’re not doing the actual work yourself, it can be hard to manage everything that’s happening. This is where hiring a landscaper can be crucial. They’re able to assess your current yard, plan the work, put the project on a realistic schedule, manage workers, and get everything done on budget and timeline. The larger the project, the more helpful hiring a landscaper becomes.


If you’re planning your next outdoor project and aren’t sure where to begin, consider hiring a landscaper to save yourself time, money and stress.

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