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Upholstery Cleaning Guide

Most homeowners overlook that most carpet cleaning professionals offer an upholstery cleaning service. We highly recommend that homeowners take advantage of these services to restore and keep their home furniture in tip top shape. Have a pesky stain on the leather sofa you just can’t get out? These guys can get them out! 


What Items Can Be Cleaned 

The good news is that most home items can be cleaned professionally! All upholstery and leather items can be cleaned because a precise method and product has been created for each different material. Meaning your leather sofa will get a different treatment than your fabric recliner. Cleaning technicians specialize in cleaning sofas, chairs, sectionals, pillows and mattresses. They clean all fabrics including microfiber, leather, cotton, and silk. Most cleaning services offer an emergency spot removal of red and wine stains, ink stains, or pet stains. When in doubt, just ask the professionals!


The Cleaning Upholstery Process

First things first, the professionals will inspect your material for everything, stains, dirt, natural wear and tear etc. Heavier and tricky stains like ink, wine and other heavy stains can most likely be treated or at least lightened by using more specific products and treatments. 

Once the cleaning professionals have inspected the items, they will then pretreat and agitate the soiled areas. Once that is applied, they use the hot water extraction method with a rinse. You should expect this process to take a few hours pending on the amount of things you need cleaned. 

Finally, the professionals will use air movers to help the drying process. Drying could possibly be done by the time the professionals leave but you can expect 1-2 hours of drying time. 

Cleaning professional recommend that getting your upholstery cleaned once a year, is a good rule to follow. It will help keep your items lasting longer and looking better! Most homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $75-$200 on average, depending on what all you need cleaned. 

For more information or to get a quote, we highly recommend our friends over at Night Owl Express. They are a Hire it Done approved contractor and have passed our 10 point screening. And a helpful tip that Night Owl Express wants to leave you with: Applying fabric protection to upholstery, such as Scotchgard, is recommended to preserve the life of your furniture.


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