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Tips on How to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Home Renovation

Home renovations are stressful. Whether you live alone, have a roommate, or even a spouse and children, a home renovation can mean turning life upside down for a couple of weeks with little to no access to things like a kitchen, a specific bathroom, or a common area. It’s just as stressful if you have a pet, if not mores. Usually there are tools sitting out, unfinished areas in a room, and sometimes open electrical or plumbing. Plus, if you’ve hired a contractor, people may be entering and exiting the house often. Use these tips on how to keep your pets safe during a home renovation to ease your mind and take away at least one worry.


Talk with Your Contractor

Home renovations with a contractor mean you’ll have people at your house for most of the day, and as the renovation progresses, the circumstances of the house will constantly change. It’s important to talk to your contractor about your pet to make the coexistence of the two easier. Setting up a time for the contractor to meet your cat or dog could be beneficial, so your pet recognizes your contractor, and doesn’t think of them as an intruder.


Talking with your contractor about your pet will also keep them aware of the dangers they could potentially create for the pets. Some days may include more noise, heavy chemicals, or even dangerous open spaces that the pet could wander into. This will help the contractor to warn you of these work days so you can make separate arrangements for the pets to board or go to work with you. This could even mean scheduling the dog to be indoors or outdoors accordingly.


Create a Safe Space

During your renovation, there will be tools around, strangers, and probably a lot of noise. Even if you have a backyard for your pet to roam, the noise or unfamiliar faces could cause the animal to misbehave or whine. Plus, some of the projects may involve hazardous fumes and chemicals that could be harmful to a pet and humans.


Find a room that’s far away from the work and try to set it up to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Put their bed, food, and water in the space, and make sure that anyone working on the house is aware of the animal’s space. If the noise is going to be exceptionally loud one day, it might be a good idea to board the animal for a day or have a neighbor or friend watch the pet at their home.


Continue a Regular Routine

Any changes for a pet can cause chaos and be unsettling. A home renovation is no different, and will likely create inconveniences or changes to everyday life that will affect the pet. Trying to keep a regular routine will help keep your animals calm. Feed them at the same time, take them for daily walks or give them their regular attention and play time. The less disruptive their daily life is, the less disruptive they’ll be to your renovation.


Microchip Your Pet

While this tip is helpful if you’re renovating your home, it’s also a great way to keep your pet safe year-round. Microchipping your cat or dog will be super helpful if your pet escapes – which may be more likely to happen during a home renovation. The local shelter will be able to identify that the pet is yours and contact you! By getting a microchip in your pet, you’ll find a sense of relief knowing that there’s a way to find your pet easily.


While a renovation can be stressful, worrying about your pet during this time shouldn’t have to be. With proper planning and preparation, it should be easy to keep your pets safe and happy during the project.

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