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The Best Landscaping Trends

As summer begins, it typically means getting the yard in tip top shape for spending more time outdoors. Whether you’re landscaping the front or back lawn, looking at new landscaping trends can help you to plan your yard update. Here’s a look at the best landscaping trends of 2019.

Low Maintenance Lawns

While everyone loves a lawn that’s easy to care for, it’s possible to make a yard trendy and beautiful, while still keeping it low maintenance. Things like programmable irrigation or electrical systems make it easy to plan out the upkeep of the yard. Simplifying the way you care for your yard can help to keep it looking good, even when you’re too busy to take care of it regularly.

Another way to keep your lawn low maintenance is thinking about the plants you’re putting in. Use perennial plants for the yard. Because they grow back, it means less work every year. Removing trees or plants that you don’t love is also another way to keep the yard easy to care for. If you’re not watering or trimming plants you don’t like, you’ll gain back a ton of time. Finally, if you live somewhere dry, consider succulents that require less water and care – you’ll have a yard with plants, but won’t have to do much to keep them looking good.

Backyard Structures

Another popular landscaping trend is building structures for shade or décor in the backyard. Pergolas are making a comeback, and can be anything from a simple structure to a luxurious building. Keep it plain with regular wood and paint, or spice it up with fun materials like old barn wood or special colors – you can even add fun seating to give it a special touch. Homeowner warning, do not attempt this one without a professional contractors help! 


Include Food

Having a beautiful yard doesn’t mean sacrificing a vegetable garden or fruit trees. While this isn’t a new trend, it’s a landscape trend that continues to be popular – and for good reason. Fruit trees can grow beautiful flowers before fruit grows on them. Vegetables can be beautiful, too. Often times, veggies grow vines that add a beautiful element to a yard, and planters on the porch can add a green element alongside the lawn. Consider planting edible flowers, too! Creating a lawn that’s beautiful and functional makes landscaping worth the time and effort.

When you’re planning out your yard for the summer and how you’ll update its look and feel, keep in mind these best landscaping trends to create the perfect yard! And don’t forget to hire a landscaper to create the yard of your dreams! 

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