New windows for your home can give your house an update in look, energy efficiency and usefulness that you may not have considered.  Remember, the primary purposes of a window is to let light into your home and to let you enjoy the view.  The next most important feature is probably the energy efficiency of the window. You need to consider the glass, the frame and most importantly how the window is installed.

There are also a whole slew of ways that windows operate; not to mention a bunch of confusing terms that you will need to understand.  Single-hung. Double-hung. Casement. Sliders. Picture. It can get pretty intimidating.  The type of window you select depends on the opening you are trying to fill, how the window will be used, what type of room it is going in and how you will have to clean the glass.

If you have a basement, you may be in the market for glass block windows (we always recommend vented blocks) or if the basement is used for living space, you will need an egress window.  Did you know egress windows are required by law if your basement includes a bedroom? It’s for your own safety and it will greatly increase the value of your home.

Before you start looking at a bunch of small cutaway glass samples from a salesperson on your dining room table, do your homework and get ready to brighten up your home.

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

Visiting a window show room will allow you to play with and test out many different configurations of windows. Further, they will generally have some design features in the show room that you may have never considered. This is where companies like to show off their latest and greatest designs. You also get the added advantage of not having to invite a salesperson into your home until you are ready to make a decision – putting a little more power in your hands.

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