Our electricians are equipped to handle any electrical project you may need, from installing a few outlets, figuring out why that circuit box keeps tripping, to rewiring a wall, or even installing a generator.  

HVAC/Heating and Cooling

Whether you’re due for a yearly furnace tune up, or your AC is on the fritz, our HVAC contractors are ready to help diagnose and solve your heating and cooling issues.  From small jobs to large jobs, we only work with the best in the industry! 


From a clogged drain, a leaky pipe, a broken water-heater, to a backed-up floor drain our plumbers are here to help.  We only work with the best in the plumbing industry, and our plumbers are ready to tackle every scale and scope project from small to large. 

How To Find A Great Service Contractor

If you’re in need of an electrican, HVAC technician or a plumber, kepp reading for our checklist of money saving questions to ask every service contractor before you hire them.

Service Contractor Checklist

Are you licensed and insured? Sticking with only licensed and insured contractors can save you from dealing with some of the less trustworthy individuals in the field.  If a contractor refuses or can’t provide these items, then that’s a huge red flag to not work with that company!

Do you charge a minimum for coming out?  Many service contractors have a minimum cost for coming to your house, even if they don’t perform the work you’re requesting.  While free estimates are the norm for larger scale jobs, this is not the case for service and maintenance work. Find out what the minimum charge for a plumber, electrician, or hvac contractor is and make sure it’s not more than you’re willing to pay for a visit.

How much will the work I’m expecting you do perform cost?  When it comes to maintenance and service, you don’t necessarily know what the steps to fix a problem are, that’s why you’re calling a professional!  However, you likely do have an idea of what the problem is, so find out how much it will cost to fix that. For example, if it’s a clogged drain, find out how much it would cost to snake the drain.  That saves you from hiring someone who wants to charge way more than you are willing to pay. Reputable contractors are generally transparent with their pricing on common jobs, so again, this can help save you from disingenuous contractors. When you’re ready to start your project, the answer is simple: just head to hireitdone.com and up to four of our pre-screened licensed and insured contractors will compete for your business.  We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you complete a hassle-free home improvement!

You'll get up to four licensed and approved contractors to compete to work on your service - electrical, hvac and plumbing project when you Hire it Done!

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

Service contractors need specialized licenses and training to be authorized to work in your home. Make sure your chosen contractor has the correct license for the work they are performing. A general builder's license does not authorize a contractor to perform electrical work or install a furnace!

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