Remodeling even the smallest bathroom in your home is more like building a new house than you might think.  When you remodel a kitchen or bath, you have to deal with carpentry, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing, electrical, flooring, paint, ventilation and maybe even windows and doors.  That is why when you remodel, you should hire a general contractor (GC) who will be your single point of contact to coordinate all of these activities. Even more importantly, they are the single point of responsibility when things go wrong or need to be changed – you call the GC and let them handle the issue; not the individual tradesperson.

A strong remodel begins with a sound design.  Before you start swinging sledge hammers like on your favorite renovation TV show, work with your GC to create a visual design that fits your space, style and budget.  It’s much easier to make trade offs before you get started than halfway through the session.

Whenever possible, we recommend visiting a showroom to check out all of the different design concepts.  What do you pick first? Cabinetry, countertops, flooring, paint color?  Work with a pro to establish the foundation items of your remodel project and then have the pros make sure it all works together to give you the desired look, feel and functionality that you desire.

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

Before you get started, make sure the contractor understands some basics of how they should work at your home. Which bathroom must they use. How to handle pets if you have them. Making sure they clean up every day. What hours and days are they permitted to be in your house. How long will I be without the usage of my kitchen and/or bathroom.

Adam Helfman

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