Most homeowners take great pride in the landscaping all around their home.  Everyone loves a plush green lawn, healthy trees, colorful bushes, stunning patios and maybe some accent lighting.  If your home has overgrown brush, weeds, dying trees, standing water and loose paver stones, it is an indication to all who pass by that you don’t really care about your largest investment.

Great landscaping starts with a professional design with selections of plant material that meet your aesthetic goals and your desired level of maintenance.  Just because you like a particular tree or bush does not mean it can grow in your particular soil with the amount of sunlight you may receive.  You also need to know what plants can be poisonous to pets and small children.  This is where the professionals can really set you on a course to be the pride of the neighborhood.

Keeping the property maintained can be a full-time job.  Look into state-of-the-art sprinkler systems that can monitor the level of moisture in the ground and that can be controlled from your phone. Try to establish an annual maintenance contract so that you don’t have any big surprises each year. Before you get started on any landscaping design project, go and visit your local nursery.  Even if you don’t want to plant the stuff yourself, take pictures of what you like and let your landscape designer work with you so that you get the solution that will look beautiful for years to come.  

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

If you are looking to design and install a major landscaping project in the spring and summer, start working with a contractor late in the fall. They will generally work with you to design and make selections over the winter so that you can get started once the weather breaks. If you wait to start the process in the spring, you may not get your project done until late in the year – after the weather worsens.

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