Are you looking for a clean, modern and open look for your home or do you want warmth and comfort?  The surface under your feet can set the tone for how you feel and live every single day.  Trends in flooring come and go --- one year its wood, then its carpet, then big marble tile then back to wood.  The flooring industry is always improving and giving you so many design choices to fit with your style and use.

When you start to consider flooring in your home, the number of budget-friendly options are plentiful.  If you like wood but can’t afford it; check out luxury vinyl tile.  If you want to warm up your hard floor surfaces with wall-to-wall carpet; consider a beautiful accent rug.  If you love ceramic tile but hate the cold shock when you step on your bathroom floor in the morning, consider a heated floor – yes, that is a thing!

Flooring doesn’t always have to mean ripping out the old and putting in something new.  Carpet cleaning, wood refinishing and tile restoration contractors have incredible equipment and experience to bring back the original luxury and luster to any of the flooring in your home.

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

When getting pricing for flooring, make sure you are getting the installed price and not just the price of the material. If you see some great ceramic tile for $1 each, the actual installed cost will include thin set, mortar, sealant and the labor itself. All of a sudden that $100 tile project turns into $2,000.

Adam Helfman

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