Stand outside of your home and take a look at your front door.  Then drive around nearby houses and just check out the front doors of other homes.  You will most likely be surprised how much front doors vary.  You will notice different colors, materials, side lights, door hardware, screen doors, security doors and much more.  Your front door is a major design element of your home and is one of the primary factors in achieving the ultimate “curb appeal” for your home.

But doors don’t just stop at your front porch. French doors and large door walls that open onto a deck or patio can turn a quiet space into a breath-taking design feature.  Once you’re inside, should your doors be solid or hollow core? Have you considered a sliding barn door? What about a secret door behind a bookcase? Take a few minutes and walk through your home and count all of the doors – you may be shocked at how many doors you currently have.

Finally, don’t forget that your doors are a primary source of energy loss in your home.  A door that is not properly installed and sealed can allow your hard-earned money spent on heating and cooling to exit your house like the door was never there.  If you are thinking about new doors, visit a local showroom and make sure you use an installer who knows how to make the door work the way it should.

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

You can make most any door look very luxurious just by adding some new hardware. Often times, a simple kick plate on the front door and handles and hinges to match will do the trick. Also, make sure that the hinges you use are sized appropriately to handle the weight of your door.

Adam Helfman

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