Keeping water and moisture out of your basement is critical to the structural integrity of your home and more importantly, to the health of your family.  Whether your basement wall is poured concrete, cinder blocks or brick, water is always trying to find the weak spots and seep into your basement.  Not only can water cause the walls to crack and buckle, but when it sits in the cold, damp environment that is your basement, mold will grow causing all kinds of health issues.

There are many ways to handle basement waterproofing and there is not a single solution that is right for everyone.  The key to success is to have a certified expert check out your home to see how to keep your basement dry and safe.   

If you just use your basement for storage and laundry, or if you are thinking of remodeling to create more living space, do the right thing and let an expert do whatever is necessary to keep the water outside – where it belongs!

You'll get up to four licensed and approved contractors to compete to work on your basement waterproofing project when you Hire it Done!

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Adam's Helpful Hint:

Don’t forget to ask the contractor if they use an inside system, outside system or both. I recommend considering a multi-step waterproofing solution to effectively help draw water away from your home’s foundation.

Adam Helfman

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