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Did you know that installing new siding on your home has year-in-and-out shown to provide one the largest return on investments for your home.  A beautifully sided home gives you a clean, classic look that tells everyone that you value your house.  Siding is intended to first and foremost protect your home from the elements and uninvited pests.

There many different materials and finishes for siding that you can select for your home.  You should not only consider the aesthetic features, but also understand the relative maintenance of each type of material.  Siding should last the life of your home but you don’t want to have to worry about sealing gaps, re-attaching wind-blown slats or painting every year.

Vinyl siding is usually the most budget-friendly material but may not last as long, look quite as sophisticated and will probably require a more maintenance. Fiber cement siding (sometimes just referred by the leading brand as “Hardie” board) costs a little more but requires less maintenance and is tougher in protecting against harsh weather conditions.

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