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Every homeowner has tried their hand at painting at some point in time.  Maybe you tackled your newborn’s bedroom before they came home from the hospital, stained your own deck or even tried to paint an epoxy floor in your garage.  If you have, you know that the actual painting process can be quite fun.  However, the prep and cleanup is the worst part.  If you don’t want to revisit the painful parts of the process, let the pros handle your update.

There are many decisions with painting that you might not consider until you actually try to get started.  Everyone loves to pick out colors.  However, once you pick your desired color, what type of paint should you buy: Latex, Enamel, Semi-Gloss, Flat? The options are mind boggling.  What type of brush or roller should you use?  A good painter will ask you about how you live in and around your house to make sure you make the best selections.  An active house with lots of kids, animals and traffic has a different set of requirements than a retirement villa on the lake.  Do not make these fundamental mistakes that could completely undermine your efforts.

Most homeowners don’t want to do major painting projects like the exterior of your house, a wood deck or an epoxy floor.  Professional painters know all of the tricks of the trade, have all of the necessary materials and many have business relationships with paint suppliers that allow them to provide the material at a great discount.  If you like to paint, have at it!  It can be a very rewarding project.  However, if you want to make sure it is done right and you don’t want to clean up all that mess, Hire it Done!

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