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When most people think of insulation, you think about those big, itchy rolls of pink fiberglass that are stuffed between the joists in your attic.  If you have ever tried to put insulation in your attic by yourself, you know that you need to dress in long pants, long shirts, wear shoes, socks, gloves and wear eye and breathing protection.  And normally when you decide to tackle this project, its summer time and you sweat off 20 pounds in your attic.  No matter how much you try, the product always gets under your clothing and you will itch for days.  If you’re lucky, you won’t slip between the joists and put your foot through the drywall ceiling causing even more problems.

Professional insulation is much more than piling up as much pink stuff as possible in your attic.  To make sure your roofing system is working properly, your attic needs to “breathe”.  Insulation must work in direct concert with your roof’s ventilation or you will just be throwing your money away.  A professional insulation company will analyze the energy situation in your entire home and present a solution that should save you significant money on your monthly energy bills – and help your roof last even longer.

In older homes, or in ones that were possibly built without proper insulation in the walls, you don’t have to live with cold, drafty rooms.  Foam insulation that can be injected into the walls all around the exterior of your house may be your best option.  Although this can cost a few dollars more than what you thought, it is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy expenses.

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