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The only time you ever think about gutters are when they aren’t working.  A good gutter system is one that you can forget about altogether.  A sound gutter system not only catches all of the water runoff from your roof, but it directs it safely away from the foundation.  Ice dams, clogged gutters and poor drainage are all major problems that can cost you thousands of dollars – all minimized with gutters that you can count on.

Should you use 4-inch or 6-inch gutters? Do you need extensions that go across a driveway? How can I fix a leaking gutter? Do I have to clean them myself each year?  Can I get another color after painting my house?  What about those classy brass-looking gutters?  When you stop and think about it, there are more questions about gutters and downspouts that severely impact your home than you may have considered.

If you are thinking about a gutter protection system, there are a ton of them out there.  Some are very expensive, some are much cheaper.  How do I decide what system is right for my house? Before you pull out the ladder and try to clean or repair the gutters once again, have a professional come out and prescribe the best medicine for your gutter system.

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