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Outside living at home can be a great way to have a vacation experience while never leaving the four corners of your yard.  Nothing provides a better gathering space for friends when the weather is nice than a beautiful, comfortable deck.  Sitting outside with friends while you cook on the grill and pull drinks out of a cooler while watching the sun sets and the kids play in the yard is the All-American “Staycation”.

Traditionally, all decks were made of pressure-treated lumber – the fancy ones were cedar or even redwood.  They always look perfect once installed, stained and sealed; after a few years, the wear and tear on wood decks can only be preserved with extensive and continual maintenance.  Thus, the advent of composite decking systems.  These systems have come a long way over the years and no longer have that “plastic” look and feel.  Creating a deck or pergola out of composite materials will provide you with all of the beauty and functionality of wood decks with a fraction of the maintenance.

When you’re looking to build or update your deck, think about the little things like lighting on the stairs, unique handrail systems, built-in coolers and storage systems and perhaps an awning that will protect you from the morning sun while you sip your cup of coffee.

Decks are a major structural addition to your home that will greatly enhance its value.  Don’t build one without permits and without an expert to determine if it is structurally sound for the intended usage.  Treat a new deck like you would any other major renovation project on your home – do it right or don’t do it all.

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