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Concrete is in and around your house more than you may realize.  Foundations, garages, porches, patios, walkways, sidewalks and driveways.  When concrete is first poured, it looks beautiful and if done properly, you may never notice it again.  Only when concrete develops large cracks or breaks up altogether do most homeowners notice.

The secret to long lasting concrete is in the preparation of the base, the mixing of the cement, placement of expansion joints and ensuring that it poured and allowed to cure at the proper temperatures.  Long the standard for sidewalks and driveways, concrete popularity has grown with the application of stamped concrete patios and even landscape edging.

If you’re about to build a garage or shed and need a new pad, or if you just need to replace a few squares of your walkway, make sure you work with a professional local to your area.  They will know how deep of a base to use, where to place expansion joints and what time of the year the work can actually be accomplished.  They will also be familiar with local building code to make sure you don’t have to do your project twice.

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