A fresh coat of paint is one of the fastest and most dramatic ways to transform a room. Many homeowners get stalled before they even start because choosing the right paint color is deceptively hard.

Pick an Inspiration

Your inspiration could be that favorite blouse, your morning view from the kitchen or a piece of art or even a well loved rug. Think about the feeling that inspiration gives you and then choose colors that will promote that feeling. Bright colors give energy, neutrals can warm up a space and cool colors can be calming. Not sure what you like about your inspiration? Head on over to voiceofcolor.com from PPG Paints and play the ColorSense game. Color Sense will ask you a series of questions and give you groups of colors you are drawn to based on your answers.

Coordinate your Room

Once you have narrowed it down from the thousands of available colors to a few or even a dozen that you like, look around your space. Chances are you already have items that coordinate. Five complimenting colors in the room is just about the right number.

Finalize your Pick

By now, you will have it narrowed down to just a couple options.  Now is when the PPG Voice of Color App really shines – upload a photo of your space and paint the walls in your room! Now you can really see what it will look like before you invest the time and money on your paint project.

Tie it all Together

Now that you have your perfect paint color picked out, make sure the rest of the job goes perfect too. The best paint job is one that has been properly prepped, so fill those nail holes, sand those walls and mud those little flaws. You can get everything you need at a professional store like PPG Paints, where their staff can help you get the right products for every need. Or, just call in a professional painter and let them know which color you chose!