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Kitchen Cabinets: The Basics

Let’s be real:  there is no shortage of decisions to be made when undertaking a kitchen remodel. Countertops, fixtures, and color schemes can leave you feelings like you’re drowning in decisions. To help you get ready for your kitchen remodel, here are the 5 basic cabinet types you can expect to encounter during your renovation:

Flat Panel/Slab:

One of the more modern cabinets styles available today, these units are highlighted by a single, frameless front panel. Gaining popularity, these tend to be slightly more costly than more traditional styles like Shaker but are slowly coming down in price as demand for them grows. If you’re looking for something to modernize your space or love minimalist design, Slab cabinets are calling your name.


Inset cabinets are flush-fitting cabinets that provide a sleek, clean look to any kitchen but beware- they come with a hefty price point. These units can be up to 30% more expensive than traditional overlay cabinets. Other “cons” include less storage space potential expanding of the wood if you live a humid area.


The Prom Queen of cabinets right now, these can be incredibly versatile spanning from traditional to modern and are a cost effective option for your remodel. Traditional style Shaker cabinets typically come in hard woods likes oak, maple, and cherry and are characterized by a five-piece assembly. More modern takes include replacing the wood center panel with glass, creating an open and airy vibe.


If you’ve been bitten by the rustic farmhouse bug, you’re probably familiar with beadboard cabinets. These cabinets are typically made of five pieces with vertical beads cut into the center panel. Popular with southern homes, beadboard cabinets definitely fall under “traditional” in terms of cabinetry but can work with most styles.


None of the above really speaking to you? Space a little too funky to just grab something off the proverbial shelf and just roll with it? Custom cabinetry is always available as an option. Be prepared though- the price tag associated with custom cabinetry can be a hefty one with little room for error.

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