Exterior updates – they definitely have the biggest visual impact. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a tired exterior, but the maintenance every 3-5 years can make it feel like a lot of hard work to keep nice.

What is Liquid Rubber Siding?

Liquid Rubber Siding is a ceramic elastomeric coating that is 8 – 10 times thicker than regular paint. It is also more vibrant, with about 80% “solids”. Compare that to traditional paints which can be over 60% water, and you’ll start to understand exactly why Liquid Rubber Siding is so long lasting and durable.

It also comes in more than 1500 colors, plus you can make your own custom color! No more deciding between a few options you aren’t sure about – find the exact color you love!

How Much Does it Cost?

Liquid Rubber Siding is a bit more expensive than traditional paint, but less expensive than high quality vinyl siding. Where you will really save is the maintenance – Liquid Rubber Siding offers a 25 Year Transferrable Warranty – you will not have to paint your house for 25 years! And if you are selling, use it as a great benefit for the new buyer.

Can I use Liquid Rubber Siding over Aluminum?

Yes! The siding can be installed over virtually any substrate, as long as it is prepped properly. Liquid rubber siding is great in all weather conditions, too because it is breathable and flexible, so it will move naturally with materials like wood, instead of cracking like traditional paint.

Are There Other Benefits?

Liquid Rubber Siding is low VOC, and environmentally friendly, there is an optional 3rd coat that can lower energy bills and reflect UV Rays.