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How to Turn a House into a Home

If you have just purchased a new house, you are probably very excited about moving in and getting comfortable. The problem many new homeowners find is that their new places lack character and it can be a challenge to put your fingerprint on the space and truly make it feel like your own. If you have just purchased a new house, the first thing you should do is set about making the place comfortable and welcoming for all members of your family. If you build a home, you do not need to worry about erasing the spirit of the previous family, but you will still want to personalize the space. If you have opted to enjoy the benefits of modular home prices, the same personalization tricks will work that work on grand, palatial mansions. The important thing is to bring the feeling of your own into the space and create something that everyone loves.

Add Some Color

Start personalizing your space by adding your favorite colors. This is a great way to make a room or an entire house totally your own. For the time being, disregard color choices that would be suggested for future sales. You plan to spend a great deal of time in the space and it needs to make you comfortable. This means if bold, bright colors are your style, you should go bold and bright. If you prefer more muted tones, or colors that fit a certain theme, go for it. You can even let children choose the colors for their rooms.

Fill The Room

Once the color choices are set, be sure each room has enough furniture to make it comfortable. A big mistake new owners make is leaving rooms empty and unused. Your house will feel cold and sterile if there are rooms that go unused. Even if you do not have a ton of money, find ways to bring comfort into each room and create spaces that are inviting. Consider shopping at thrift stores and flea markets for unique, second-hand options.

Personalize With Photos

Next, add personal touches like family photos to the spaces. When people enter each room of your house, they should be able to tell exactly who lives in the house. The room should be obvious in its use and every member of the family should feel comfortable spending time in the space. Even if you section off rooms that are child-free or pet-free, be sure the rooms are not cold. Find other options for encouraging pets and kids to stay clear of these rooms.

Finally, evaluate the rooms as you go. When you first move into a house, things may seem exciting and new. You will want to be in each room just because it is your brand new house. As you continue to live, you may find that your original plans are not working out so well. Be flexible and willing to adjust if new ideas come to mind for improvement. In no time at all you will have a house that feels comfortable and warm, personalized just for you.

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