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How to Spot a Bad Contractor

Unfortunately, during times like these, we tend to see a spike in scams and that includes shady business and dealings with “contractors”. Review the basics below and keep in mind that the only contractor that should be working are those that are considered essential. Any issues that you run into like plumbing, electrical roofing, HVAC are considered essential to you and your family. 

Regardless of whether you are renovating willingly or not, home renovations and repairs are stressful to say the least. Factor in a less than stellar contractor and you are in for the world’s biggest headache. While you can rest assured when choosing a Hire it Done contractor thanks to our 10 point screening process, here are some red flags to be on the look out for before you sign on the dotted line:


  1. You can’t get a hold of them. If a contractor takes more than 48hours to return your phone calls or leaves you feeling ghosted, you need to run. The last thing you want is to be standing in the middle of your gutted living room, scratching your head, wondering when your contractor is going to return.
  2. A quote that is too good to be true. If a contractor comes back with a bid that is GROSSLY under the others you received, it’s a red flag. That could mean that they aren’t exactly seasoned in the industry or they are underbidding only to hit you with additional costs down the road. While some variation in quotes is to be expected, be leery of any drastically lower bids.
  3. They can’t answer technical questions about your project. While your contractor likely won’t make the decisions for you, they should be able to provide you with ample information to be able to make the most informed decision possible. Remember, they’re the experts. That’s why you are hiring them.

Can’t Provide Proof

  1. They’re absent from the internet. In this day and age it impossible to not have some trace on the internet. While not every contractor is going to have a widespread social media presence, every contractor should have some sort of footprint on the internet. Whether a ranking on the BBB or business Facebook page, someone should have something to say about your contractor somewhere.
  2. They are hesitant to provide references or examples of past work. This may seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many people sign on the dotted line without seeing proof of a contractors past work.
  3. They’re not licensed or insured. Working with contractors who are licensed and insured adds an added layer of protection for you, the customer. You’ll sleep better knowing that if a member of your contractor’s crew gets hurt on the job it won’t fall back on you. No one wants to hear a knock on the door followed by a “you’ve been served” all because you didn’t use a licensed contractor and John shot a nail through his foot.
  4. They only accept cash. Contractors may offer you a cash discount but be leery of a contractor that says they ONLY accept cash. It is very difficult to prove cash transactions and it gives you the least amount of consumer protection.
  5. Trust your gut. Maybe they’re licensed and have a plethora of past projects to show you but if you gut says “no”, move on to the next contractor on your list. Intuition goes a long way- trust yours.

Still unsure if you are picking the right contractor? Start your project with us and take the headache out of the decision.


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