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How to Choose A Roofing Contractor

A new roof is one of the most important decisions you will ever make when upgrading your home. A new roof does not have to be a frightening experience if you’re working with the right contractor.

It Pays Not To Scrimp

There is one common mistake people make that I can help you avoid right now: don’t try to scrimp and save by choosing sub-standard materials, or by choosing a contractor that isn’t an experienced, licensed roofing company. Those “few hundred dollars” you save initially may end up costing your thousands of dollars down the road and may even lead to interior damage from leaks that occur with an improperly installed roofing system.

Air It Out!

The proper ventilation of a roof is crucial. One of the most frequent problems I see when inspecting existing roofs is the inadequate use of ventilation in homeowners’ attics. Improper ventilation leads to poor indoor air quality, growth of mold and other irritants, higher energy costs and possible structural damage. Proper intake and exhaust ventilation is the key to having a long-lasting roof.

Costs Don’t Have To Go Through The Roof

Before you make a financial commitment to any roofing project, be sure you carefully compare contractors. Homeowners should solicit bids from three prospective contractors based upon the same specifications: Materials; labor; and time needed to complete the project. Hire It Done is a great place to start! There is more to the process than just price, time and materials.  Good contractors should be able to offer attractive financing to lower the cost of entry for even the best roofing system.

Understand the Contract

Make sure that all terms and conditions, including any oral agreements are put in writing prior to work commencing, to protect both you and the contractor from any misunderstandings. A few key points to remember are:

Come Out On Top

Getting back to the “fun part” of a new roof – a useful web site you should visit to select various styles and colors, is the GAF Materials Corp. website at  On this site, you can actually see how each roof will look on a home prior to installation. It’s a great “idea starter” for you to see what is available on the market today.

Once you’ve chosen your contractor and are ready to start, you should be aware that homeowners must ensure all necessary building permits and insurance documentation are displayed at the home before any work begins, and that the contractor’s name is included on the aforementioned paperwork.

The homework you do before the job is the most important step in making sure your roof keeps your home safe, dry and secure for years to come. Thanks for letting me help you with this information!

At Hire it Done, we work with solution minded contractors who take pride in their work and stand behind the finished product. We personally check their work and verify their license and insurance are current.They abide by our Code of Ethics and they never use high pressure sales tactics. For Hassle Free Home Improvement, make sure you use a Hire it Done contractor. Get started HERE.

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