Homeowners across the country are investing in spaces where family can relax, entertain and play. Mosquitos can turn your backyard sanctuary into an unusable space.

There are of course a variety of solutions to this ranging from candles, torches and incense to sprays and personal wearables. The problem with this DIY approach is that it can take a lot of time and money to figure out which combination of these works for your yard and family, and also that you have to set it up every single time you want to use your yard. There’s a better way!

How to Make Bugs Want to Move Out!

The best place to start is to walk around your house and yard and look for places mosquitos, ticks, spiders and other pests would love to live in. Here are a few places mosquitos love:

  • Standing water – a mosquito breeding ground
  • Low lying bushes and trees where moisture can accumulate
  • Under decks and porches
  • Places where water doesn’t drain promptly
  • Wet wood mulch

When you identify areas in your yard that are attractive to mosquitos, you should take steps to get rid of the areas you can, such as standing water in bird baths or kiddie pools and concentrate your efforts on the areas where changing the environment isn’t practical, such as underneath a deck or around a lot of landscaping.

Once you have your target areas, experiment with the different types of repellents to get a formula that works for your particular yard.

If this seems like a lot to do every time you want to use your yard, you can call a pro. There are different types of programs, but the most effective will include:

  • Multiple applications every 21-30 days
  • Warranty on effectiveness
  • Trained and licensed technicians who know where to target the mosquitos
  • Open communication with homeowner to coordinate any scheduling needs

Hassle Free Outdoor Living

Having a professional company come out multiple times may sound expensive, but in fact it can be comparable to what you would spend doing it yourself, when you factor in the time you will save.

When you hire a pro, they have tested their product and stand by it so you can enjoy your space without worrying about multiple bites. Companies like Mosquito One have seasonal programs and special offers that not only keep the cost very reasonable, but   keep your family and pets safer, too.

Mosquito One uses a formula that is 99.9% effective, guaranteed and safe for the whole family, including pets, once it has dried. They also use a proprietary additive, called EnBlock to ensure the applications are protected from the rain, wind and sun. This attention to detail and level of customer service is a key thing to look for when hiring a pro.

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