Has every drawer in your kitchen become a “junk drawer”? Closets looking less like a place to hang coats and more like a catch all for all the things that don’t have a proper home? We get it and swear that sometimes it feels like odds and ends multiply the minute you stow them away somewhere. Here are a few tried and true organization tips that can help get and keep you organized:

Use it or lose it.

The first step to getting organized is to be up front with yourself about what you are actually going to use versus what you are hanging on to in the hopes that you will use it. We recommend a six month rule- if you haven’t used it or worn it in six months, it may be time to part with it. Clearly there are exceptions to this like seasonal items such as winter gear and lawn equipment but by and large, if you haven’t used it in half a year, it’s time to part ways.

Group like things together.

This may seem like a no brainer but think back to your junk drawer, the literal catch all for all your stuff. We are not telling you that you need to give up an entire kitchen drawer for one pack of birthday candles but consider getting a few in drawer organizers to sort the mess. You can group candles/matches/lighters in one basket, pens/tape/other office type supplies in another. You get the point. Not only will this make your drawer seem less overwhelming when you open it but you may actually be able to find that tape you know you had.

Make effective use of space.

The sister act of grouping like things together, making effective use of the space that you have can go a long way. Think stacking bins and under the bed storage to make the most of the space that you have and keep the closet from exploding when you open it. We think these are a great option for under the bed storage. You can store seasonal clothing, miscellaneous bedding and the like efficiently under the bed freeing up room in closets across the house.

Still feel like you can’t get ahead of your clutter crisis? There are professionals available to help you tackle it.

Do you have any other organizational tips you swear by? We’d love to hear about them!