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Home Improvement Projects to Start this Spring

Oh spring- the time of new beginnings and surveying what havoc winter weather may have inflicted on your house. It’s also a time to start mapping out any warmer whether projects (looking at you veggie garden) you may want to get going after the frost thaws.

Mason Inspection and Repair

Whether you have a brick chimney or a paver patio, spring is the perfect time to have your masonry inspected for any potentials problems and pitfalls. While your chimney make look good from the ground, a closer look by a professional could yield issue that, if left unattended, could cause major problems (and damage) down the road. Sure, your patio isn’t on your roof and won’t necessarily wreak havoc on your home if left unattended but the freeze/thaw of winter and spring could affect your patio or porch. Get inspected by a professional and make a plan to tackle any issues that lurking before summer.


You may not need to dig out the gardening gloves and shovels as soon as the Spring Equinox hits but you can definitely do some prepping and other outdoor projects. You can inspect trees for any dead limbs or broken branches, sharpen your lawn mower blades and give your sprinkler system a once over. Once the frost has officially past, typically by mid-April for us Michiganders, you can start planting seeds and officially gardening.

HVAC Service

With winter coming to a close, you’ve probably turned the heat down and have maybe even opened the windows a time or two. Remember though- your HVAC system has been working hard the last few months. Have you system inspected early to avoid something happening in the sweltering summer months when HVAC specialists see an influx in customers and can be booked solid for weeks.

Gutter Maintenance

We don’t blame for not cleaning out your gutters in the depths of winter. However, chances are, they probably have some build up that needs to be cleaned out. Climb up a well, anchored, stable and get to cleaning. It’s not a fun job but it is a must do before spring storms roll in. Once your gutters are cleaned out, complete a visual inspection; keeping an eye out for any cracked caulking or broken spikes that attach the gutters to your house. Give the down stops a look over as they can become loose over time and take note of what needs to be fixed. Cleaning out your gutters is a job you can complete but we recommend calling in the pros when it comes to actually repairing any damage. As side note- the debris removed from gutters makes excellent composting material!

Deck Inspection and Maintenance

By now you’ve probably gotten that winter weather can take its toll on your home. Once the snow clears for what is hopefully the season, you’ll want to take a peek at your deck for any loose or cracked planks. You’ll want to replace any boards that have too much give when you step on them as well as inspecting any handrails for too much movement. If you can, crawl underneath and give the surface a once over for any rot. You push a screwdriver into any areas that don’t look quite right- if the tip of the screwdriver goes into the wood, you’ll want to replace it. Spring is also an excellent time to reseal your deck and make sure it’s summer ready.

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