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Home Improvement Projects The Whole Family Can Do

While we know that this time is frustrating for most and a bit overwhelming, consider it a great time to tackle those pesky projects that you just haven’t had time to do. Get the whole family involved to make it more fun and take advantage of the extra help! 

 The weather can be hit or miss but on the warmer and sunny days, there are a handful of projects you can do outside without having to hire the professionals. Here are a few to try:

Pulling out the lawn furniture 

Time to drag out the furniture and clean it up. Hosing off the dirt and dust will help keep the furniture looking sharp. Cushions can be tricky, so be sure to read the directions on the tag carefully before doing anything. Most outdoor fabrics can be hosed down or even tossed in the washing machine. Most likely you will need to skip the drying section and allow the cushions to air dry.  Inspect for any missing screws or damage and repair as you go! 

Build an easy fire pit 

There are so many different options to make fire pits for your yard. First things first, figure out what kind of fire pit you want and what your budget is. A simple garden stone fire pit is not only functional but affordable! You can complete this job easily in a few hours, just in time for family s’mores for an after dinner treat! When in doubt on what to do, contact your local home improvement store for guidance. 

Prep the yard

The snow is gone and the ice has melted but they left behind that yucky winter debris. Get your yard and beds prepped for your landscaper by picking up the leaves and winter debris. Moving rocks and other yard materials back to their original positions helps save time (and money) with your landscaper. Checking and inspecting your yard for any damage, (think sprinkler head or light fixtures) and fixing it, will prevent bigger and costly mistakes from reappearing each spring.   

Power wash the porch 

There is something therapeutic about power washing your porch, deck or patio. Perhaps, its the instant gratification? You can rent a power washer from your local home improvement store for a low cost and use it all weekend to get those leaf and pet stains out of site. Want a super budget friendly option? Use a water hose with a strong spray nozzle that has a ‘jet’ like setting. It won’t get the stains as well as a power washer but it will definitely help! 

Not quite ready to tackle the great outdoors?! Here a few easy and fun projects that are kid friendly and easy to do. Your spring cleaning can start today! 

Clean the vents

Let this be your friendly reminder that it’s time to clean those easy to reach vents and replace the filters. You can use the vacuum hose and duster to remove all the dust from the cold months! Using a mild cleaner, rag and warm water will help remove the months (or years) of build up. Lastly, replace the filters! 

Switch the fan direction

A little trick the trade that helps homeowners save a few dollars, is switching the fan direction. Home improvement professional and Hire it Done owner, Adam Helfman, has put together a quick tip video on just how to do this little task. Just know that in the warmer months you want your fan spinning counterclockwise. 

Purge and get organized 

We know, we know. You and everyone else has been putting this off for months, if not years! It’s time to purge and get organized. You are stuck at home these next few weeks, so what is a better time than now? Start with one room at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you haven’t seen or used the item in the last 6 months, chunk it! Store in the garage for a yard sale later on or drop off at your local donation center!

Wishing you and your family continued health during this time!  Do your part and if run into home emergencies, contact Hire it Done. We will get you in touch with a team that can help you!  


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