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Grillscaping 101

Is grillscaping a thing? If not, we 100% think it should be. As summer chugs along, you are apt to be spending more time outside cooking over an open flame, be it gas or charcoal fueled. Why not create the perfect area for grilling, hanging and enjoying the Michigan summer nights?

First things first: The big picture plan

As with all home improvement plans. you’ll want to map things out before you get started. Somethings to consider:

We recommend making a list of your ‘must haves’ before meeting a contractor. Depending on your plans, you may need more than one contractor to help complete the job. You’re in luck though- we have a contractor for everything and they’ve all be screened by our vigorous 10 point Contractor Evaluation.

Next: Select and choose your contractor(s)

Once you have a general idea of what you are looking to do, you can start setting up estimates with contractors. In addition to giving you a price tag for your project, they’ll be able to help answer any lingering questions you may have.

Now what?

Once you’ve settled on who will be taking on your project, you can start to look at finishes, appliances and landscaping. You know, the FUN stuff. Depending on your contractor, you may be able to supply the materials yourself but chances are, you’ll snag a much better price through your contractor. When looking at detailed parts of your renovation, keep in mind how different elements will work together as well as their function within the space.

Up next: Renovation

Once your renovation is underway, you’ll want to avoid making any last minute changes, if possible. Not only can they bump up your budget but they can also kink the timeline. Otherwise, sit back and watch your contractor work their magic. Once the project wraps up, you can do a final walkthrough with your contractor to make sure everything top notch.

Now that your renovation is complete, it’s time to whip out the apron, kabob some veggies and get to enjoying the final product.


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