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Five 2020 Landscaping Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

With the easing up of some of the provisions of Michigan’s Stay-at-Home order, it appears as though things may slowly but surely be returning to back to normal, whatever that looks like. That being said, summer is officially on our horizon, landscapers and lawn care pros can get back to work and you’ve had plenty of time to think about all the ways you can enjoy it. If you aren’t totally over being home, here are five landscaping trends that you won’t want to miss out on-


Looking to add a low maintenance element to your yard? Hardscaping is your answer. From decorative walkways to retaining walls to patios, hardscaping provides an excellent decorative yet functional element to your yard without all the fuss and time that traditional landscaping elements need.


Maybe in your countless hours spent at home, you’ve started to dabble to gardening. Maybe the upheavals in the supply chain thanks to COVID19 have led you to consider the perks of growing your own fruits and vegetables. Either way, home gardens have proven to be a huge trend in 2020 and we are here for it. From raised garden beds to potted porch gardens, there is something available for everyone, regardless of the square footage you have available to dedicate to it. Building raised garden beds is easier than you think and the planting window for a lot of foods is still open.

Blue is all the rage.

In terms of style, expect to see blue EVERYWHERE outside this year. From actual plants to lawn fixtures, 2020 is definitely the year of blue.While the Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue, you can expect to see a wide range of blue inhabiting yards everywhere. Personally, we are in to this brushed denim planters from Home Depot and think they would make the perfect porch accents.

Bee Aware.

Pollinator plants should definitely be high on your radar this year when it comes to landscaping. As native pollinator plant populations continue to dwindle, homeowners are electing to add more home for bees, butterflies and the like to their own yards. Not only do pollinator plants tend to be gorgeous, seeing mother nature buzzing about your yard will give you an added level of earth consciousness.

Going Vertical

If you are lacking in outdoor square footage, it doesn’t mean you have to skip creating an outdoor space all of your own. Instead of going out, go up with vertical gardening. Considering trellising or vining up walls to add a little green to your smaller space.

While landscaping may seem like something you can tackle yourself, it is always best to consult with a pro to make sure you don’t throw money away by, say, investing in plants that won’t survive in your area.

Are there any other trends you are looking forward to? What does your dream yard look like?


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