Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hire it Done really free?
Yes! There is absolutely no cost to you to submit a request and meet with our contractors.

Can I get pricing for my job without meeting a contractor?
No. We feel that the only way for you to receive a fair, honest and thorough evaluation of your project is to have one of our pre-screened contractors meet with you at your house. This also gives you a better indication to understand their products and services and to feel comfortable with selecting a contractor that you trust.

How many contractors will get my information?  
We never give this information to more than 4 of our pre-screened contractors. In some cases, you may not hear from 4 contractors, but NEVER more than 4 Hire it Done contractors will contact you.

Does Hire it Done take a cut on the job? 
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We respect our homeowners and our contractors. You will receive a very fair price from them that is in NO WAY influenced by how we get paid.

How do I rate a contractor? 
We do not have an online rating system. All of our contractors have signed a Code of Ethics that they must abide by. If you feel any of the contractors have not been true to this code, please contact them directly to resolve any issue. If you are still not satisfied, please let us know. If we determine that any of our contractors are not making every effort to abide by this code, we will work to ensure they become compliant or the contractor will be dropped from our network.

What if I have a complaint? 
Your first call should be to the contractor who is doing the work. They are committed to working with you to resolve all reasonable issues. If you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will work with you and our contractor network to provide the best resolution possible.

Why can’t I see which contractors you use? 
Our contractors are not visible on our website as we feel that advertising is a conflict of interest that is not beneficial to you. You need to feel confident that our pre-screened contractors are NOT receiving preferential treatment by paying Hire it Done for advertising services.

How do I know a if a contractor is pre-screened by Hire it Done when they contact me? 
Our contractors have been instructed to identify that they have received your information from Hire It Done and that they are a Hire It Done pre-screened contractor in all initial correspondence (phone, email, etc.) with you. If you doubt them at any point, please ask them to provide you with the unique project lead request ID that is in your initial email from Hire it Done and is also included in the information they receive from Hire it Done. If you are still not sure, feel free to contact us to verify their participation as a Hire it Done pre-screened contractor

Do I have to meet with all of the contractors who contact me? 
Although you do not have to meet with all of our contractors, it is recommended that you have multiple contractors visit your house to ensure they are competing for your business to give you the best possible solution to your project needs.

Is the roof report free and can I get a copy of it? 
The roof report is provided to our pre-screened roofing contractors to assist them in bidding for your business. Hire it Done will also provide a copy to the homeowner, along with some tips on how to choose a contractor, and a list of items your roofing contractor should check while he is on-site, in order to provide a thorough estimate.

Is Hire it Done performing the work? 
No. Hire it Done is a referral service. All of our contractors have valid insurance, licenses (as required) and have signed our . The decision as to which contractors you use and how the work is performed is an agreement between you and any contractor. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details.

What if I am not ready to start my project yet?
Hire it Done has built an area of our website just for you! Learn what to expect and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to get a hassle free home improvement. Free Home Improvement Advice.