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Everything You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning

Tis the season to start spring cleaning! For most homeowners and renters that means getting their carpets in tip top shape. Removing those pesky stains isn’t the only reason to get your carpet cleaned. A professional cleaning can restore your carpet and remove all the yuck from traffic that has collected over the months. Before you book your appointment here are a few things you need to know.

  1. Avoid DIY route: First things first, carpet cleanings should be done by professionals. Sure you can rent one of those steamers from the local grocery store but they won’t get the job done like a professional can. The home spot cleaners are perfectly fine for stains that happen in the moment but leave the big job to the professionals.
  2. How often: We highly recommend that you get your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, if you are a home with with pets, small children or even teenagers, we recommend getting your carpets cleaned twice a year. This will help keep the stains to a minimum and remove gross allergens like pet dander. The longer the you go without a carpet cleaner, the tougher and stronger the chemicals a professional has to use to remove it.
  3. What to look for in a company: A good carpet cleaning company will have all their licenses and certifications ready for your review. Be sure to also review their online reviews and ask for references. You can also tell a good company by the chemicals and equipment they use. While most carpet cleaners contain mild chemicals, ask about the chemicals and confirm they are avoiding these terms beginning with “fluoro” and ammonium hydroxide, a respiratory irritant, allergen and aquatic pollutant.
  4. How long it takes: It really depends on how many rooms and their sizes, but the average carpet cleaning professional can clean a room in about 20 minutes. Drying time should only take about 6-10 hours if done correctly. We know that seems forever but make plans to spend the day out of the home to avoid ruining the clean carpet.
  5. How much does it cost: Carpet cleaning is relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. You can expect to pay anywhere from  $25-&75 a room. Tip: Ask about special deals if you pre book your next carpet cleaning.
  6. The benefits of carpet cleaning: Not only will a professional carpet cleaning make your home look nicer and brand new inside, it also can help extend the life of your carpet! Another bonus is that it creates a healthier environment by removing allergens that hide in the fibers of a carpet.
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