Cabinets are the centerpiece of every kitchen and one of the most expensive items to replace. What should you look for when replacing cabinets? Could a fresh coat of finish or new hardware give your old cabinets new life?

First Step Of Remodeling

Set a budget because a typical kitchen remodel can range from $30,000 on the low end to upwards of $100K. A large percentage of that price tag is the cabinets. There are endless options for cabinetry these days but there are a few things you should always look for.

  • Plywood boxes – plywood is the strongest and most moisture resistant material for the cabinet boxes. Cabinets with plywood construction have longer warranties and hold up better over time and can handle heavier items.
  • Dovetailed drawers – even budget cabinets have options for dovetailed drawers. This type of drawer will not come apart or separate and usually comes with soft close drawer slides as well – a very nice touch!
  • Adjustable hinges – no home has perfectly straight walls or level floors and hinges wear over time with use. Cabinets with adjustable hinges will allow you to keep the doors tight for the life of your kitchen, simply by turning a couple screws.

Painting Cabinets

Should you paint or refinish your cabinets instead of buying new? Maybe! Ask yourself:

  • Do you like the current layout and operation of your kitchen? It can be hard to reconfigure existing cabinetry.
  • Are you happy with the design and profile of the doors? That can’t really be changed through refinishing.
  • What kind of finish do they currently have? Dark stains can be tough to cover up, and if they have already been painted or have a distressed finish, you likely won’t save much money on getting them resurfaced to a smooth finish.

Hiring A Professional

Ask a professional refinisher for a quote and compare to the cost of new before you decide which route to go. And before taking on any major home renovation like this, it is always wise to visit a showroom in your area. There you can view different cabinet configurations, countertop options and see some of the latest trends on display and you will definitely be inspired! Once you’ve decided your budget and how you want to renovate, it’s time to contact the pros at Hire it Done.

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