We have been hearing a lot about impact resistant roofs, or SBS shingles lately. So we wondered – what does it mean to be impact resistant and is it necessary to have this special roofing system?

There are several names – Hail resistant, impact resistant, Class 4, SBS modified – they are all referring to the same thing -a shingle modified with an asphalt emulsion to be more impact resistant that a traditional shingle. When installed in a tear off application, with the latest underlayment material, these Class 4 shingles have benefits for all climates.

  • Potential Insurance Savings – Check with your insurance agent. Many companies are giving nice discounts for using the SBS products!
  • Excellent Wind Performance – They have the highest possible wind rating, and a better adhesion system reducing the risk of shingles blowing over in severe conditions
  • They are more flexible than their traditional counterparts – meaning they can keep up with the expansion and contraction from seasonal changes.

All of these features mean the manufacturer can offer a comprehensive 50 Year Warranty on the product with fewer limitations than other shingles. Manufacturers like GAF, whose product is called ArmorShield, have comprehensive training programs for their preferred contractors that ensure the system is installed properly and according to exacting specifications that will produce the longest lasting, best quality roof money can buy.

So why should the average homeowner care? Well, for starters, if your roof is not installed according to the manufacturer specifications, it will void the warranty, leaving you with little recourse if the roof fails.

Additionally, contractors that are certified by the manufacturer have better training and more experience with all types of projects. That’s why all roofers in the Hire it Done network MUST be certified by a manufacturer. And when choosing a contractor like Kearns Brothers, who has been in business in Metro Detroit for more than 30 years – you know you are putting your home in the right hands.