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Decorating: Where to Spend and Where to Save

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture or decor and wondered “is this really worth it?” Yeah, us to. But what is actually worth it spend on and what’s just a waste of money? Here a few tips on where you should invest money and where you can be a little tighter on the purse strings-

SPLURGE: Living room seating

It may be tempting to buy a budget couch is lieu of a pricey, similar looking option but living room furniture is one of those spots where you really do get what you pay for. A budget couch means budget fabric which just doesn’t hold up as well as its pricier counterpart.

SAVE: Side tables

You spent a nice amount of money on your living room furniture, why detract from it with a chunky, overbearing side or end table? Opt for sleek, clean, minimalist tables- they’ll serve the same function as their bulkier counterparts but will eat up far less visual real estate.

SPLURGE: Dining room set

Remember grandma’s dining room table that she had your entire life? The table you spent eating holiday meals at? There is a reason is lasted all those years and it’s not because your grandparents skimped out. The dining room table is a pivotal part of your home and investing in something now will not only make sure you have a table that can withstand kids and holiday meals but one that could very well last a lifetime.

SAVE: Table and floor lamps

Much like side tables, you don’t have to invest much money into your supplemental lighting. At the end of the day, a lamp is a lamp. Sure, aesthetics matter but remember, you won’t be getting any different functionality or durability when you spend $50 versus $500.

SPLURGE: Mattress

Seeing a trend here? The more time you spend on or at something, the more rational it is to invest money in it. When it comes to your mattress, skimping can result in a host of other costly problems, including some that effect your health. From memory foam to adjustable mattresses, take the time to test some out and don’t buy something just because it is cheap. Remember: you are spending upwards of 1/3 of your day on it.

SAVE: Sheets

Did you know that thread count is a marketing ploy to get you to think you are buying “nicer” sheets? Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s true. Instead of relying on thread count, feel the sheets and buy what feels good. Take the time to feel the material when shopping and avoid falling prey to the idea that 1000 thread count sheets are any better than lesser count brands.

This isn’t the end all to splurging vs. investing but the moral remains the same: invest in things you frequently use and save on the things that get less play.

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