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Common Sense Plumbing Tips

I think we can all agree we are thankful for the plumbing systems in our homes and while a very appreciated need, some homeowners don’t know some of the basics of keeping their plumbing working. And that’s okay, because you aren’t a plumber!  We spoke with our friends at Shelby Mechanical and  broke down the three most important tips we think every homeowner should know about their homes plumbing. 

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Know where the shut off valve is 

Whether you are in a new home or just haven’t taken the time to find the water service shut off valve, consider this your friendly reminder to go and find it! Locating your water service shut off valve is vital in case of an emergency arises and you need to shut it off. The first thing any professional plumber would tell you to do in an emergency, like a busted pipe or overflowing sink, turn the water service shut off valve. This will save you lots of damage (and water)! 

Skip the drain cleaner 

It’s a common misconception that drain cleaners are okay to use for your basic sink or toilet clog. However, using drain cleaner to open clogged drains is a big problem that most plumbers advise against using. Drain cleaners are highly caustic and they can wear away your pipes over time, melting glue and even cracking toilet bowls! Next time you experience an issue, call a professional plumber

Your toilet is NOT a trash can

While this seems like common sense, you would be surprised on the types of things plumbers find in a home’s toilet. Homeowners should never use their toilet as a trash can, anything except toilet paper may lead to a clog even flushable baby wipes can back up the system! Just because a bathroom product may say it’s ‘flushable’, most of the time- these products clog the toilet and create a big mess for your plumber. When in doubt?! Throw it out…IN THE TRASH CAN. 

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