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Choosing the Perfect Paint Color: Tips, Tricks, and Tools (Part 2)

Last week, we looked at the Sherwin Williams’ Virtual Color Consultation tool to help us find the perfect paint color. While this tool is helpful, sometimes we can’t afford to wait weeks for a consultation appointment. So what can you do when you find yourself in a crunch for time? Don’t stress! You can try a few other simple tips and tricks to help you find the right color.

Color Cards

Color cards (also known as paint cards or color chips) remain the simplest, cheapest way for finding the color you want. But what happens when the color you found on the card doesn’t look right when painted on your wall? It can be frustrating, to say the least.

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Next time, try this tip to maximize the benefit of color cards before purchasing a paint sample. Grab 6-8 color cards of the same color/shade. Tape the cards together to form a large square or rectangle. Tape the color square to your wall. Move the square around the room to see how the light hits the color at different angles. This technique helps you get a better feel for how the color looks on a larger scale.

Paint Samples

Once you’ve used the color cards to find the shade you want, it’s time to purchase a sample. Paint samples generally range between $3-$10, depending on the brand and type of paint. The liquid samples come in 8 oz cans or 1 quart jars. This gives enough paint to get a feel for its look in a room.

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If you’re not keen on painting directly on your wall, try another technique. Paint several 8×11 pieces of paper or 12×12 pieces of cardboard. Tape the papers around the room to see how the color looks on the different walls. Leave them up for 24-48 hours to see how the light hits the paint throughout the day. 

Peel and Stick Samples

A paint sample that you don’t have to paint on your wall? Yes, please! Several companies have started to offer peel-and-stick paint samples as an alternative to liquid paint samples. Check out the following four companies for more info:

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Samplize, a company based out of Tennessee, offers peel and stick paint samples shipped directly to you. They provide paint samples of colors from PPG, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Farrow & Ball.

So how does this work? Visit the Samplize website; find the color you want; and place it in your cart. Choose how you want it shipped – orders ship within 24 hours if placed Monday-Friday. Most 12×12 samples cost $5.95

Home Depot

Obviously, using Samplize could get pricey. Home Depot provides an alternative with their Peel & Stick Paint Sample Kits. Each kit includes a box of 12×12 samples in six colors curated according to hue. Boxes retail for $18.98. 

Paint Companies

Other companies, including Benjamin Moore and Behr, offer similar peel-and-stick samples. Benjamin Moore samples cost $5.95 for each 12×12 sample, while Behr costs $2.00 per swatch. Behr swatches can also be purchased through the Home Depot website for the same price.

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