Kitchen Cabinets: The Basics

Let's be real:  there is no shortage of decisions to be made when undertaking a kitchen remodel. Countertops, fixtures, and color schemes can leave you feelings like you're drowning in decisions. To help you get ready for your kitchen remodel, here are the 5 basic cabinet types you can expect to encounter during your renovation: [...]

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Kitchen Remodels and ROI: What Gets You the Most

Whether you are looking to put your house on the market now or just want to know how to make the most of your money down the road, there is money to be made with a kitchen renovation regardless of the time frame. Below, we'll breakdown a few of the spots where you can get [...]

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Grillscaping 101

Is grillscaping a thing? If not, we 100% think it should be. As summer chugs along, you are apt to be spending more time outside cooking over an open flame, be it gas or charcoal fueled. Why not create the perfect area for grilling, hanging and enjoying the Michigan summer nights? First things first: The [...]

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A New Roof: The Purchase You Never WANT to Make

Everybody knows that the roof over your home serves one primary purpose: to protect you from the elements.  When it’s raining, you want to stay dry.  When it’s cold, you want to be warm. When it’s hot, you want to stay cool.  As for appearance, the only good looking roof is the one you never [...]

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Decorating: Where to Spend and Where to Save

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture or decor and wondered "is this really worth it?" Yeah, us to. But what is actually worth it spend on and what's just a waste of money? Here a few tips on where you should invest money and where you can be a little tighter on [...]

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How to Find a Handyman

Have a few miscellaneous projects that you need to knock out around the house? From minor drywall repairs to installing a ceiling fan, it's always nice to have a handyman on hand ;) that you can call when you need a few minor things knocked out. Join Adam and Keith Paul of HandyPro as [...]

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