Bringing Color to Your Kitchen in 2021

Conventional design rules would have you believe that neutral colors are ideal for your kitchen. White or barely-there colors are best because they create a warm, inviting space that stimulates your appetite; bold colors don’t work because they are cold and can provoke a stressful reaction -- not exactly the response you want for your [...]

Four Kitchen Backsplash Ideas We Love

Over the past year, as we’ve faced closed restaurants and social distancing guidelines, many of us have spent more time in our kitchens than ever before. Perhaps this time has made you realize the need for an updated look, or perhaps you’re starting from the ground up, with a new build in mind. Either way, [...]

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5 Paint Colors We Can’t Get Enough Of

Picking paint for your home can be one of the more taxing decisions that you make. Making an impulse decision on paint can leave you avoiding a room entirely, regretting your decision to have a purple accent wall. When it comes to paint, don't make any fleeting decisions. Most places offer small samples that you [...]

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Kitchen Cabinets: The Basics

Let's be real:  there is no shortage of decisions to be made when undertaking a kitchen remodel. Countertops, fixtures, and color schemes can leave you feelings like you're drowning in decisions. To help you get ready for your kitchen remodel, here are the 5 basic cabinet types you can expect to encounter during your renovation: [...]

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5 Home Renovation Trends to Be On the Lookout For

With all of us spending more time at home, it is literally changing the way we live and the way we view our houses. Maybe you were one of the ones who viewed home as merely a place to rest your head or store sentimental items (we're looking at you, high school letterman jacket). As [...]

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Decorating: Where to Spend and Where to Save

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture or decor and wondered "is this really worth it?" Yeah, us to. But what is actually worth it spend on and what's just a waste of money? Here a few tips on where you should invest money and where you can be a little tighter on [...]

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