Choosing the Perfect Paint Color: Tips, Tricks, and Tools (Part 1)

Have you ever painted a room in your house, only to have it turn out to be not quite the right color? Unfortunately, I have done it too many times. My son’s nursery was supposed to be a pale sage green, yet it ended up bright, almost neon.  Have you ever brought home an excessive [...]

COVID19 and Your Scheduled Renovation

Many construction companies and general contractors are considered "essential" under the current stay at home order, however that doesn't mean that your home renovation project is considered essential. According to Federal Guidelines, essential industries include "workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, [...]

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Common Roofing Scams And How To Avoid Them

Unfortunately, during times like these, we tend to see a spike in scams and that includes shady business and dealings with "contractors". Review the basics below and keep in mind that the only contractor that should be working are those that are considered essential. Any issues that you run into like plumbing, electrical roofing, HVAC [...]

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5 Safe Projects to Keep You Busy

Chances are the last place you want to end up right now in the emergency room. With hospitals overwhelmed with COVID19 patients, popping into the ER to tend to a home improvement related injury won't exactly have you winning any accolades. However, you may be going a little stir crazy at this point. We rounded [...]

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Handling a Home Emergency During COVID19

What a time to be alive, right? As Michigan is currently on an official Stay at Home order, chances are you are spending some serious time at home. Unfortunately, your home doesn't know that things aren't exactly business as usual nor does it particularly care about some stinkin' virus. While we hope you don't actually [...]

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Creating a Home Office

With the onset of COVID19 and the nationwide shift to working from home when possible, you may be struggling to create a space conducive to making your new work from home routine well, work. When you couple working from home with the fact that most school districts have migrated to a remote learning model, things [...]

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