5 Reasons to Replace the Windows in Your House

Buying a house is a beautiful process; however, it’s like raising kids: no one tells you about the behind-the-scenes upkeep required in order to prevent major damage. One such housekeeping item is window replacement. Windows are the life of the home, allowing light and beauty to enter the space; however, old windows can produce small [...]

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Building a Basement Media Room on a Budget

There is no moving into a technological age. We are in it and let's be real, there is no going back. People are spending more time entertaining at home and we're not just talking hosting dinner parties. Going to see a movie at the theater has become less of a weekly activity and more of [...]

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How To Pay For Home Improvement Projects

Most homeowners are choosing to put money into their homes rather than dealing with the selling process and starting over. However, the reality for most homeowners is that paying for that upgrade is a stressful venture because we all know that dream kitchen can cost you an arm and a leg. Before you get in [...]

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