7 Things to Expect from a Roofing Quote

Owning your own home comes with a particular set of challenges, including all of the maintenance that comes with the house. One such challenge occurs when you find out your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. How do you know who to call or what to expect with the process?  Read here and here [...]

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How to Spot a Bad Contractor

Unfortunately, during times like these, we tend to see a spike in scams and that includes shady business and dealings with "contractors". Review the basics below and keep in mind that the only contractor that should be working are those that are considered essential. Any issues that you run into like plumbing, electrical roofing, HVAC [...]

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Upholstery Cleaning Guide

Most homeowners overlook that most carpet cleaning professionals offer an upholstery cleaning service. We highly recommend that homeowners take advantage of these services to restore and keep their home furniture in tip top shape. Have a pesky stain on the leather sofa you just can’t get out? These guys can get them out!    What [...]

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When To Hire A Landscaper

Sure, we know you can tackle most of those home improvement chores but are you confident in the larger outdoor projects? Especially when dealing with plants, lawns, and other outdoor projects, it can often times make more sense to hire a landscaper rather than DIY. So which projects should a homeowner leave to the experts? [...]

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Guide To Finding A Qualified, Professional Painter {FREE DOWNLOAD}

The news broke yesterday, and today it is official - residential painting contractors in Michigan no longer need a builders license to operate. This sounds bad - checking out a contractors license is a vital step in the vetting process. How can consumers protect themselves without being able to verify the contractor they have chosen for [...]

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7 Signs You Found A Great Contractor

Finding the right contractor for the right job is vital because most home improvement projects performed by professionals are a costly investment. It’s important that you trust and like your contractor when these folks will be traipsing in and out of your home for weeks, if not months! So before you sign that dotted line, [...]

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