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Building a Basement Media Room on a Budget

There is no moving into a technological age. We are in it and let’s be real, there is no going back. People are spending more time entertaining at home and we’re not just talking hosting dinner parties. Going to see a movie at the theater has become less of a weekly activity and more of a “treat” (have you seen the price of movie tickets recently?!), you are probably one of the many households that are more apt to grab a movie from RedBox and spend the night at home in your pajamas. As we spend more time entertaining at home, the desire to have a designated space to curl up with a bag of popcorn and watch the latest release with your family. Enter The Media Room. Once considered to be a thing of stars and financially well off, there is no reason that you can’t carve out a space to kick back, relax and enjoy the show- on a budget. Here are some tips we rounded up to make the most of a basement media room on a budget-

Use what you have

This is probably the biggest thing to keep on mind when transforming any space. Sure, a new TV would nice but is it really necessary if you current basement TV works just fine but is a couple years old? Wiring in a surround sound system sounds great but could you can get a similar quality experience from a sound bar and a few speakers? While it is always nice to be able to walk in to a completed space, remember: you are the one with the mental checklist of what completed actually means. There is no harm in tabling things for a later date or scheduling them as part of a Phase 2 if it means avoiding getting in over your head financially. How are you going to be able to enjoy your new basement theater if you have to pick up a second job just to afford it? Exactly.

Get creative with your seating

Who wouldn’t love to have two rows of recliners complete with cup holders and table trays to kick back and watch the latest flick in? It sounds like a dream to us, too but unless you are looking to invest thousands in seating alone, there are a few alternatives worth considering:

    1. Bean bag chairs. Keep it comfy and strike a vintage vibe by scooping up handful of bean bag chairs for you and your guests to settle in to.
    2. Floor pillows. The zen equivalent of the bean bag chair, a variety of pillows scattered on the floor can provide you with a cozy, eclectic vibe that can easily be stored away when you are binge at watching Netflix or the latest release. Floor pillows can be an excellent option if you need to use your basement for something other than a media room.
    3. Don’t dismiss the thrift. The term “second hand” has come along way since the days of your mom lugging you to the Goodwill. With furniture consignment stores on the rise and “vintage” being an everlasting trend, you may be able to score some top notch seating for your basement media room for a fraction of the cost if you are willing to hunt a little.

It doesn’t have to span the entire basement

Don’t get caught up on the idea that your entire basement has to somehow be turned into a home theater for it to be worthwhile. If you are operating on a smaller budget, think of doing a “media corner” and carve out a portion of your basement for media entertainment. Not only will this give you the flexibility of using the space in more than one way but suddenly a small sectional and a 55″ TV seem completely reasonable.

Stay away from major renovations to make the space

Who doesn’t want built in storage, recessed lighting and recessed surround sound? Adding major renovations your project list can make the conversation seem insurmountable. We always recommend hiring a professional if you are going to take on larger electrical and carpentry projects, none of these things are must to complete a transformation that is still worthwhile.

Have you carved out a dedicated media space in your home? What are some tips and tricks you’d pass on to the next homeowner? Let us know in the comments!

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