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Bringing Color to Your Kitchen in 2021

Conventional design rules would have you believe that neutral colors are ideal for your kitchen. White or barely-there colors are best because they create a warm, inviting space that stimulates your appetite; bold colors don’t work because they are cold and can provoke a stressful reaction — not exactly the response you want for your kitchen. Over the past few years, however, color has found its rightful place in this space, giving us uniquely beautiful designs that reflect our personalities.  If you’re looking for ways to move away from the white and add some color to your kitchen design, here are color recommendations to consider.


When it comes to painting your kitchen, bold is the word for 2021. Colors like navy, deep green, and even black are taking center stage, bringing depth to the kitchen walls, cabinets, and even the kitchen island. A bold color can create a polished, aesthetically-pleasing design, especially when combined with the right coordinating hardware and accessories.  

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Don’t feel bold enough to paint your whole space a bright color? Try adding a colorful back splash. This can give you enough contrast without the commitment of changing your entire kitchen. Feel extra bold? Pair a bright colorful back splash with dark, painted cabinets for a distinctive look.


For a dramatic effect, focus on a high contrast design. Choose two colors, one dark and one light; then pair them together, focusing only on these two colors in your design scheme. For example, create a black and white kitchen. Paint your cabinets and/or kitchen island a deep black and then use crisp white accessories for a “pop” of brightness. Another beautiful contrast might start with navy: pair a deep navy paint with yellow or gold accents. The possibilities are endless; however, the goal is to choose two colors that create a stark contrast.  Add open shelving to create a sleek, modern design.

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Alternately, you can contrast the cabinet colors themselves. For example, paint the upper cabinets white or leave them a natural wood color; then, use a deep bold color on the lower cabinets. 


You can be both bold and classic simply by choosing a muted tone of a vivid color.  Muted natural green colors, such as clay and sage, create a warm, inviting environment. One trend this year is to choose a more retro color palette, pairing the muted sage with a pale pink; however, by adding copper accents and hardware, the look is instantly updated to a polished, contemporary design. 

Teal isn’t often a first choice for a kitchen. However, when muted, this bold bluish-green can create a rich, sophisticated room, especially when paired with gold accents. Teal also looks beautiful when contrasted with bright white or muted gray cabinets. 

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If you are worried about color overwhelming your space, paint only a portion of your kitchen, such as the island. You can also choose a colorful back splash or add color through bright accessories. Balance this color with white walls and open cabinetry.

Also consider the longevity of your look: what are you willing to live with and for how long? What will it take to revise the design later, when the time comes? 

Finally, choose colors that complement both your flooring and your hardware. One way to do this is by using the color wheel: colors arranged directly across from one another are considered complementary. It may seem obvious, but be sure to consider the undertones of both your paint and your floors: colors with warm undertones look better with warm-colored flooring; colors with cool undertones look better with cool-colored flooring.

Ultimately, your kitchen design should be a reflection of your personal style. Go as bold or as neutral as your comfort zone allows. White walls will never go out of style…maybe.  

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