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Want to create the ultimate guest room for your special guests? Here is our list to help you provide comfort.

Create a “Welcome” package for your guests

“What’s the wifi password?” and “Where are the towels?” are common questions, among others, your house guests will have upon arriving. Skip the awkward interaction of hunting for that Post It note you wrote the wifi password on 3 years ago and jot it down for them before hand. Place this, accompanied by bath towels and a glass for when the middle of the night thirst hits in the room before hand. You can also include things like a small bottle of pain relievers or a phone charger in case they forgot theirs. Here’s a great guide for creating the perfect welcome basket.

Make space

While you may not think you need a dresser or chest of drawers in your spare room, it’s always a nice touch for your guests. Living out of a suitcase, even if just for a weekend, is never easy or fun and having so little as a drawer for your guests to place their clothes in will make them feel all the more welcomed. You can also leave a few empty hangers in the closet for any items that may be better suited to hanging.

Keep it comfy

Hosting in the winter? Don’t assume your guests will want flannel sheets and a down comforter on the bed. We recommend keeping it simple- higher thread count cotton sheets, a medium weight comforter- and providing extra blankets or quilts for your guests to layer on if they need to do so. The same goes for summer- if you live somewhere a little warmer, provide your guests with a lightweight blanket and maybe a fan in case they tend to lean to the warmer side when they sleep.

Light the way

We all have different bedtime routines. While one person may knock out the instant their head hits the pillow, someone else may need to read a couple pages in a book or magazine before they fall asleep. A bedside table with a small lamp gives your guests the opportunity to slowly wind down without a 100 watt bulb permeating their line of site.

Outside the room

Let’s face it- asking someone to bring your toilet paper is probably one of the more awkward interactions you can have, regardless of how well you know your guests. Keep things like toilet paper, toothpaste and soap in an easy to spot location like in a basket on the back of the toilet.

Going home with a suitcase full of dirty clothes and subsequently a full load of laundry is daunting to say the least. If available, offer your guests your washer and dryer to use before they depart. 

If you really want to put on a 5 star stay, you can also provide the following things:

  • small, bedside coffee pot or Keurig
  • City Guides, if your guest(s) will be venturing out without you (a spare set of keys may be handy too)
  • blow dryer, iron or other small appliances that may come in handy
  • small snacks like individual bags of chips, nuts or seasonal fresh fruit
  • a bathrobe and slippers
  • a luggage rack

Some other general “rules” for creating the perfect guest space include keeping paint choices neutral, smells of the subtle side (no, not everyone loves cinnamon or pumpkin spice air fresheners) and decorations to a minimum. Remember, you want your guests to feel comfortable and at home not like they are invading your space.

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