Everybody knows that the roof over your home serves one primary purpose: to protect you from the elements.  When it’s raining, you want to stay dry.  When it’s cold, you want to be warm. When it’s hot, you want to stay cool.  As for appearance, the only good looking roof is the one you never notice.

Let’s face it. No one WANTS to buy a roof. Buying a new roof is a reactionary purchase. If your roof is leaking and buckets are dotting your kitchen floor, you need a new roof NOW!  Unlike most home improvement decisions, the homeowner is immediately on the defensive and at the mercy of the roofing industry.

If you talk to friends and neighbors who have been through the process, you will have probably heard all of the following:

  • “It’s going to be more expensive than you think”
  • “The prices will be all over the map”
  • “The sales people will sit in your house for hours during dinner time and pressure you into buying that day”
  • “Just get it repaired; it’s much cheaper”
  • “Make sure they pull a permit”…. “Don’t let them pull a permit”
  • “You HAVE to get the best warranty” … “The warranties are a joke; they don’t cover anything”
  • “Keep your existing skylights” … “Make sure you replace the skylights”
  • “Insurance will cover it” … “Your roof isn’t covered by insurance”

At Hire it Done we have developed a state-of-the-art process that removes the anxiety out of purchasing a new roof, and puts the homeowner back in charge.  All of our contractors have to agree to abide by the Hire it Done Code of Ethics and use the exclusive Hire it Done Roof Report to present an honest assessment of the customer’s roofing situation.

Arnie Goodman is the owner of American Standard Roofing in Southfield, Michigan and is one of Hire it Done’s select roofing contractors.  Arnie sent me an email outlining their approach:

  1. Always do a thorough assessment of the issues with the roof. This usually includes crawling in the attic to look for any problems with rotted wood, insulation or ventilation.
  2. Understand the financial objectives of the homeowner which may include determining if a valid insurance claim needs to be filed. If financing has to be considered, we clearly explain all of the options that are available.
  3. Educate the homeowner on all of the issues related to the well-being of their roof. We don’t throw out a bunch of roofing terms to confuse them; we make sure they understand what solutions we are proposing.  Everything that is covered by warranty is clearly explained.
  4. Propose the best possible solution to ensure that their roof will never leak again and provide the best ventilation and energy savings possible. If a repair is an option, we will outline the pros and cons of doing a repair instead of installing a new roof.
  5. Ensure they understand the schedule of the project, and our policy about keeping their yard clean and removing all debris. We show them our license and insurance and ALWAYS PULL A PERMIT.

Finally, Arnie said, “We let the homeowner take their time to make a decision.  There is no ‘today-only’ sale.  In the long run, we want the homeowners who genuinely feel that we offer the best roof and customer service for years to come.”

If your roof is leaking, DON’T PANIC.  Visit Hire it Done and usually within hours, a small but select set of the best roofers in Michigan will contact you to help you out.   Your anxiety levels will immediately start to drop and before you know it, your home will be better than ever.   Remember, it is your home and the contractors need to earn the right to do work on your house by displaying honesty, integrity, knowledge and professionalism at a fair price.