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6 Fall Trends For Your Home 

We have scoured the interwebs, read the blogs and talked with the home improvement experts and of course our very own expert, Adam Helfman. We like to know what the seasonal trends are just as much as you do, so here are the six things that homeowners are doing this fall to their homes:

Mixed Metals

When upgrading your kitchen or designing your bathroom, mixed metals are all the rage right now. Many contractors are experimenting with the look by mixing different metals together that aren’t traditionally paired. Think matte black with copper or a hammered pipe paired with a polished knob. Mixing metals adds a bit of design without overbearing paint colors or crazy tile patterns that you may later regret. We think this is a trend that has a longer shelf life than most design trends have had in the past and we are okay with that!

Smart Fridge

Sales on smart kitchen appliances are through the roof. Homeowners are discovering that smart technology in the kitchen is where it’s at. A lot of products on the market can take your cooking to the next level and even make it more simple. The hottest trend right now? The Smart refrigerator! It may cost you a pretty penny but will save you some time and sanity. For example, a Smart fridge will notify you when you are running low on food items and it creates a list that goes directly to your phone. Really!? What will they think of next!

Creating Guest Quarters

It’s almost time for the holidays and it’s almost time to wine and dine your guests. We are seeing that homeowners are starting to host guests more these days than to put them up in a local hotel. Guest rooms are getting a revamp this fall with creating a more spacious sanctuary. Knocking out a few walls to create a larger space and upgrading the guest bathroom to feature trendy new subway tile and fresh white linens, should be on your next to do list.

Open Room Concept

Less is more this fall. Remodeling projects creating open floor plans are being booked more and more. The simplicity of an open room concept is not a new concept, but it really has taken flight in the last few months with home contractors. The idea of no walls helps with traffic congestion for larger families as well as increased communication and spending time together. A win for the whole family!

Bring the Outdoors in

Plants, plants everywhere! Landscapers are being asked more and more by homeowners how they can bring the greenery indoors. Landscapers and home designers have a few options, whether it’s simply bringing in your outdoor potted plants inside, creating a hanging wall or building a custom built in plant bed for your living room.

Storage and Organizational Options

Hiring a professional to create organized storage in your home is a luxury that most homeowners forget. But once you get custom storage, you will never go back! Built in garage shelving and drawers are absolutely drool worthy. Get rid of the clutter and create a space for everything! Custom closets and storage rooms are a trend we love for busy families! 

What are some fall trends that you think we should add to this list? 


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