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5 Projects You Should Never DIY

Don’t take it personally but there are some projects you should never DIY. And we mean NEVER. Not only could you injure yourself but you may end up paying more than what it would have originally cost had your just hired a contractor. Here are 5 projects we recommend that you never give a go on your own:


Plumbing may seem easy, but get it wrong and it could cost you big time. Water can ruin a home and given that pipes are not readily exposed, issues that could arise from amateur work may go undetected until there is a much larger problem at hand. Unclog a drain, maybe swap out a faucet but we’d recommend leaving it at that


This one probably seems like a no brainer but every year there are 30,000 shock injuries per a year in the United States. Unless you’re a licensed electrician, stay away from the heavy lifting. If you’re feeling confident, swapping out a light fixture or installing a ceiling fan is probably something you can handle on your own. Anything bigger than that is a job for the pros

Major Renovations

Taking down wall looks like a fairly simple, and fun, project but before you bring out the sledge hammer and start smashing, you’ll want to ask a contractor double check that wall is load bearing. In addition to getting injured by a ceiling caving in, you could structurally damage your home costing yourself big bucks in the long run. 


Heights are always a risky territory. Not only is it easy to lose your balance and slip but roofing is more complex than nailing some shingles down. Get it wrong and like other major renovations not only could you structurally damage your home but it could cost you exponentially more than it would have originally. There is no doubt your should hire a pro for this one. 


Your HVAC system one of the most expensive and also one of the most complex. HVAC repairs are tricky to say the least and chances are if you attempt to install a new unit, you will void any warranty associated with it. Most manufacturers only extend a warranty when it’s installed by an authorized reseller.

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